Helio Pur Technologies organized its first internal seminar earlier in Mid-September. The theme was focused on the company’s new strategy for water savings!

Our values

During this seminar, the whole team worked together to define the values that characterize the company:

  • Responsible Innovation: We offer innovative solutions to save water in order to preserve natural resources and needs of future generations
  • Solidarity: we are in solidarity towards people and entities which work for the protection of water resources
  • Commitment: we commit to propose suitable and profitable solutions to our customers who would like to manage water resources sustainably

Our values are in lien with the entrepreneur’s vision and the CSR (Corsporate Social Responsability) policy that we share.

Our new products & services

During this seminar, we also defined our new products and services:

  • Optimization studies of water consumptions and uses
  • Studies of wastewater characterization and sorting
  • Operation & Maintenance of proposed solutions for global water management
  • Training in sustainable water resources management

The first day set on laughs, thanks to a “laughing” class by Betty K and a delicious dinner in a beautiful setting of the region, at Domaine de Fontenille (Lauris).

Economy of functionality

To the program of the second and last day, the team attended an intervention on the economy of functionality, by Mr. Emmanuel DELANNOY, founder of the Inspire Institute.

The seminar ended with a nice picture of Helio Pur Technologies team & partners.