Save drinkable water and reuse domestic wastewater

"Saving water, through ecological awareness and economic vigilance is essential in a context of sustainable development and circular economy."

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By 2030, half the people of our planet will live in an arid zone. The scarcity and cost of water in many regions are already causing supply difficulties which seriously impede the development of agricultural, industrial or service activities in small rural municipalities or isolated sites for residential and touristic projects.

In these regions, water scarcity combines with the lack of sanitation infrastructure to limit wastewater discharges in the environment.

In the residential sector, we offer domestic wastewater treatment solutions that allow water to be reused several times to preserve water resources and the environment.


HelioPure® solutions address small rural communities without sanitation as well as private residential sites (hotels, residences, lodges, mobile camps, golf courses), isolated or not connected to communal sewers.

Our solutions offer you the possibility to:

❏ Treat domestic wastewater

❏ Reuse it (watering, cleaning, flushing, pools, aquifer recharge) without any risk for inhabitants or guests

❏ Save up to 60% of fresh water consumed and conserve scarce and expensive resources

❏ Preserve the environment of communities and isolated residential sites, in particular coastal and island areas 

❏ Value wastewater for uses that do not require drinkable water (irrigation, watering, cleaning ...)

❏ Save money by saving water and reduce production costs of tertiary services

❏ Make investments in wastewater treatment profitable

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