Recover and reuse water, carbon, nitrogenous and phosphorous resources to preserve environment

"Reusing wastewater resources contributes to food security and improves livelihood" (UN, 2017)

réutiliser les ressourcesISSUES

Intensive aquaculture and farming activities generate large quantities of water heavily loaded with organic matter. The challenge for this sector is to reduce the quantities of water withdrawn from nature reserves and the discharge of polluted water into aquatic ecosystems.


On this sector, we propose to reduce water consumption and discharge by reusing or complete recycling wastewater livestock with nutrients recovery. BSP process can be integrated in all the solutions we propose for the agricultural sector.


Our solutions for agriculture offer you the possibility to:

❏ Treat wastewater from industrial or domestic activities to reuse it in agriculture

❏ Reduce water consumption with recycling and lower pressure on scarce and expensive water resources

❏ Preserve water and nutrients resources by reducing discharge in the environment

❏ Recover and reuse water, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous in the form of biomass that can be used in animal feed or organic fertilizers.

You want to save water ?