Circular economy

“Water savings”: The 1st internal seminar of Helio Pur Technologies

Helio Pur Technologies organized its first internal seminar earlier in Mid-September. The theme was focused on the company’s new strategy for water savings! Our values During this seminar, the whole team worked together to define the values that characterize the company: Responsible Innovation: We offer innovative solutions to save water in order to preserve natural resources and needs of future generations Solidarity: we are in solidarity towards people and entities which work for the protection of water resources Commitment: we…

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LIFE + European project : BioSolWaRe

Project funded by Europe The BIOSOLWARE (BIOSOL WATER RECYCLING) project (07 / 2014-12 / 2018), carried out under the European LIFE + program (LIFE13 ENV / FR / 00071), is dedicated to the implementation of a new domestic wastewater treatment and reuse plant for agricultural irrigation, and for biomass recovery by methanisation or fertilizer production. Its main objective is to demonstrate the performance of a prototype with a capacity of 50 m3/d, integrating the innovative system of Bio-Solar Purification, to…

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