Our company

An innovative water engineering company

Helio Pur Technologies specializes in water savings, water management optimization, wastewater treatment, reuse and recovery of industrial, agricultural and residential wastewater.

Our purpose is to combine innovation, water and energy savings with an adapted approach to help you reduce your water consumption and achieve zero discharge in aquatic ecosystems.

❏ An original approach based on the circular economy of water

❏ An experienced team in wastewater treatment

❏ An innovative, patented, scalable, economical and environmental friendly process

❏ Solutions designed to fulfill your technical, regulatory, financial needs and constraints

Our skills


Studies and engineering of water savings solutions

Management of water resources

Wastewater reuse, recycling and recovery

Operation & Maintenance

Users training

Our values

Responsible Innovation

We offer innovative solutions to save water in order to preserve natural resources and needs of future generations.


We are in solidarity towards people and entities which work for the protection of water resources.


We commit to propose suitable and profitable solutions to our customers who would like to manage water resources sustainably

CEO's message

Water, an essential resource for life, has always guided my academic and professional choices. This is how I first chose to train in biotechnology and specialize in microbiology and wastewater treatment before working for environment in industrial companies.

By creating HELIO PUR TECHNOLOGIES in 2011 with scientists and engineers in the field of water and ecosystem services, our ambition was to exploit the extraordinary treatment capabilities of photosynthesis at the air-water interface.

For many raw materials, the preservation of natural resources and recycling have become major challenges for sustainable development. Water, the most widely used raw material for human activities, is also the most wasted most with only 0.4% recycling.

We are confident that it will not escape this vital approach for future generations and we are modestly committed to this goal with the Bio-Solar Purification process and the HelioPure® solutions to save water and reuse, recycle and recover 100% of wastewater.

- Laurent SOHIER, Helio Pur Technologies CEO