Discover our patented, scalable, ecological and economical process : “Bio-Solar Purification”

 Natural advanced oxidation to treat wastewater

bio-solar purificationBio-Solar Purification (BSP) process enable wastewater treatment and reuse by means of natural advanced oxidation like photosynthesis and photooxidation.

NATURAL • BSP process works thanks to the combined action of sun, CO2 and photosynthetic micro-organisms.

EFFICIENT • BSP process enable to reuse treated wastewater up to 100% and recover nutrients as biomass.

QUICK • The intensification of natural oxidation phenomena enables wastewater treatment in only a few hours instead of several days.

Integration of the Bio-Solar Purification process in a HelioPure® solution

Preliminary studies aim to characterize, sort the various wastewaters and then determine which type of effluent requires treatment before reuse, recycling, recovery or discharge. Wastewater to be treated are conveyed into a HelioPure® treatment solution incorporating the BSP process alone or with other processes.

BSP process can be combined with optional pre or post-treatment stages depending on the composition of the effluent to be treated and the type of treatment, reuse, recycling or recovery.

Effective purification

Wastewater can contain diverse hazardous and harmful contaminants for Human health and the environment as heavy metals, feacal flora, organic matter, xenobiotics (pesticids, fertilizers, drugs, hormons...).

Bio-Solar Purification process is relevant for wastewater treatment, reuse and recovery from the industrial, agricultural and residential sectors.

PollutantsPurifying performance
Nutrients80 - 100%
Organic matter90 - 100%
Faecal flora5 - 6 log
Heavy metals60 - 90%
Xenobiotics60 - 100%